The Sunshine Award

Cherished Stained Glass was recently awarded the Sunshine Award.

It highlights motivational and inspiring blogs.

I have awarded it myself to the following bloggers and highly recommend them..

I awarded the Sunshine Award to Lynwood Jewellery and their Associated Wood Crafts for their selfless promotion of others in our field of work. We are all striving to run and promote our own businesses but at the same time as doing this Lynwood are well known for their positive promotion of others. Truly inspirational!

Laura gets The Sunshine Award for many reasons and a good read of her site will tell you everything. She specialises in pop art style acrylic paintings and also make hand-bound journals and sketchbooks. Laura does a lot of custom pieces so if there’s something you would like that you don’t see in her shop simply e-mail her.

Quernus Crafts blog has  been awarded The Sunshine Award, as Kirsten inspires others by showing openly how she is inspired herself. Her work is varied but take a good look at the ‘cuties’, as they really are special and a great idea if you are hunting for an original gift. Well worth bookmarking!  (The little gentleman in the picture is called “Doctor Mole” )

This piece alone says it all about how inspiring  Janine Basils work is. Very worthy recipient of A Sunshine Award.

Just click on the image to open a link to her world of fantastic hats and fasinators and buy yourself something unique!


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