About Cherished Stained Glass

Stained Glass found me, rather than me finding it, as a very young lad admiring the glass windows in the Churches of England or from a doorway in the entrance to a victorian home. I was amazed at how they threw their colours over the white washed inner walls, with such stunning effects. 

I suppose it was inevitable that one day it would become a big part of who I was to become. My work comes from the heart. From the design stage it is usually a feeling or an inspiration that guides me through to the day it’s finished, where that initial spark of intuition becomes a reality and something I am proud of.

After years of making panels, sun catchers and lamps for our home and as gifts I had my ‘Eureka’ moment and decided to take what I had learnt, go with my feelings and set up Cherished Stained Glass. I care about the pieces I make and feel that there is something of me in every single one of them.

That I suppose is where the business name comes from as ‘Cherished’ is exactly how I would like my customers to feel about the pieces that they purchase. As the feedback suggests, many seem to do just that.

If you do not see something that catches your eye today, add me to your FAVS list as my work is so varied, I would like to think that on a return visit, you may spot something you adore or might have in mind as a gift for another. 

Rather than wondering, if you do have a question, just drop me a line. I am always happy to chat about stained glass.


Steve Sheppard



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